On Friday, November 11th, Concept Restaurants invite veterans and active military to come in and join us for a complimentary meal.


Available during business hours on November 11, 2016. Dine in only.
One entree & one non-alcoholic beverage per person. Veterans and active military simply show proof of military service for offer: US Uniformed Services ID card, Uniformed Services Retired ID card, LES or Veterans Organization Card and/or wear your uniform. Participating Restaurants:

Via Baci

Ignite Burgers & Bar

Table Mountain Inn

Rialto Cafe

Humboldt Farm Fish Wine

Blue Island Oyster Bar

Ignite Bistro & Wine Spot

Stout Street Social

Cleveland Chop

License No 1

Spruce Farm & Fish

The Corner Bar

The Chef, The Shucker, The Farmer & The Brewer


Enjoy a Special Dinner by The Chef, The Shucker, The Farmer and The Brewer! Featuring Boulder Beer Brewing Co. and special guest Chris Quartuccio, Oyster Farmer and Owner of Blue Island Oyster Farms in Long Island, NY.

Our five-Course Menu includes beer pairings for $55 each.

When: Thursday, November 3 at 6pm
Where: Blue Island Oyster Bar


1st Course
Raw Oyster Tasting
Variety of east and west coast oysters with classic accouterment
Buffalo Gold

2nd Course
Oysters Rockefeller
Potato wrapped oysters, creamed spinach, and hollandaise
Shake Chocolate Porter

3rd Course
Deviled Eggs
Fried oysters, harissa, and smoked oyster vinaigrette
Pulp Fusion Blood Orange IPA

4th Course
Jambalaya Boudin
Spanish rice, sausage, shrimp, chicken, oysters, saltines, and whole grain mustard.
Mojo IPA

5th Course
Pasta Carbonara
Uni, snap peas, prosciutto-wrapped oysters, and chile bread crumbs
Dragonhösen Imperial Oktoberfest

Joe Troupe, The Chef

Tickets on sale now. For more details: 303.333.2462


(Thursday) 6:00 Pm - 9:00 Pm

Blue Island Oyster Bar Welcomes New Exec Chef, Launches Fall Oyster Specials

Blue Island Oyster Bar opened in Cherry Creek just over a year ago, bringing East Coast-style seafood and raw-bar delights to the corner of East Second Avenue and Columbine Street. Concept Restaurants veteran chef DJ Nagle (creator of the signature bacon burger at Humboldt) has been at the helm for the past year, but he's moving on to oversee another one of the company's projects, the trio of Sprucethe Corner Bar and License No. 1 inside the Hotel Boulderado. So last week, Joe Troupe signed on as the new executive chef, which means he gets to oversee more than a month of oyster events coming to Blue Island.


Troupe's first Colorado exec position was at Lucky Pie (both the Louisville original and the newer downtown Denver pizzeria), and he was also chef/owner at Amass, which closed in August after a two-year run at a tough Jefferson Park address. The new Blue Island gig marks a return to Cherry Creek for Troupe, who also worked across the street at North Italia prior to going to Lucky Pie and Amass.

The chef and his team are offering several specials this fall to take advantage of the height of oyster season. Now through October 10, oysters Rockefeller are available as a threesome for $9 or a set of five for $15. Then from October 11 through October 20, $12 will land you a bowl of Joe’s Oyster Stew, named for the chef and also available in a small serving for $7. And from October 21 through October 30, the oyster bar will offer a Big Five tasting plate at market price, presenting one each of five edible species of oyster that the restaurant says can only be showcased at this time of year, when all five species are at their peak.

For the next two months, a $2 oyster of the day will also be shucked, and for $30 guests can get a dozen bivalves matched with a bottle of Evolution sparkling wine. And on November 3, Troupe will host his first chef dinner — The Chef, the Shucker, the Farmer & the Brewer — which will bring in land, sea and suds specialists along with beers from Boulder Beer Company. Check the Blue Island website for details and reservations.

by Mark Antonation

Ultimate Guide to Dining in Cherry Creek

For a while, the posh area set between University and Colorado boulevards and 1st and 6th avenues, seemed to be in a dining rut with chains joining the scene at a fast pace. The last year, however, brought great changes to the scene and new restaurants that are showing that Cherry Creek is still a top-notch neighborhood for restaurants.

This oyster house and seafood emporium is set in a cool modern space that invites lingering at lunch or dinner. Whatever you do, don't miss the chowder.

By Andra Zeppelin  @AndraZeppelin Sep 21, 2016, 10:25a

Chef & Shucker: Cape Cod

Update: This class is sold out

DATE: August 28 3:00PM

East coast oysters, the virginica species, scream salt, rich full brine, and firm crisp bodies. Oyster aficionados base their standards upon the oysters farmed and harvested along the coast of New England, Long Island, and the Canadian maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. By far, the most infamous and well-known appellations come from Cap Cod, Massachusetts: Island Creek, Duxbury, Wianno, Wellfleet and Cotuit. 

The Atlantic trade winds move in a triangular flow from North America across the Atlantic to Europe and North Africa, back across the Atlantic into the Caribbean and then barrel forth to the Eastern seaboard of North America. From Florida through the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware this current gently hugs the coast. But then it runs headlong into Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine. The effect is defining: oyster beds and harvesting areas are flooded with pure seawater and an abundance of fresh alga. The result is unmistakably coastal. 

Cape Cod enjoys the favor of the seas as it is located at the epicenter of this oceanic flow. The oysters we will taste are some of the most prolific, most enjoyable shellfish sourced from the Northeastern coast. Get ready to surf the waves of the Cape and navigate the wide variety of oysters offered by this unique coastal region.


RESERVATIONS: 303-333-2462


BestBizBites: This fresh Cherry Creek spot gets seafood right

Blue Island Seafood & Oyster Bar is a great place to take a client



The Deets: Blue Island Seafood & Oyster Bar

Locale/Address: 2625 E. 2nd., Cherry Creek, Denver

Best Bites: Crab Cakes

Deals on Drinks: 3-6 p.m., $5 each: Moscow Mule, Cherry Creek Mule, Salty Dog & Gin & Tonic

Parking (1 – 4 – 1 is easy; 4 is hell): 3



Blue Island’s website describes it best: “Polished seafood restaurant featuring a raw bar, beer & craft cocktails in nautical surrounds.”

Be that as it may, this place is all “shiny & new” – tres Cherry Creek (you know what I mean) – lots of wood and metal in a long, sleek seafood joint where paddles hang from the ceiling and a gleaming white bar wraps a third of the restaurant space. Furthermore, there are more than enough bartends to ply you with artisan cocktails and some very nice wine.

As its name implies, the fare includes a raw bar with proprietary oysters flown in from the East Coast. I’ve visited both at dinner and at happy hour. I’d take any client here any time – the Blue Island No. 9 Oysters (4) and the Peel & Eat Shrimp with spicy mustard were as good as anything you’ll find in any land-locked city – fresh and ample.

I make it a habit to try every seafood restaurant’s crab cakes, which isn’t really a way to discern good seafood necessarily (you can hide a lot in a “cake”), but when crab cakes are made of 100 percent fresh crab meat, a Louie dressing and pickle salad, as these are, it’s heavenly, a bit of a break from the snow-filled streets, a reminder of what a fresh ocean breeze can offer.

But the secret sauce here is the happy hour. Get a $5 Gin & Tonic or a Salty Dog or a Cherry Creek Mule. Build your meal with some Haystack Fries ($4) and a Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna Poke ($7). The wait staff is swift and knowledgeable both at the tables (plenty of window/Cherry Creek views) and at the bar.

But sit at at the bar. This is where the neighborhood convenes and even if they do do all their shopping at Whole Paycheck, Neiman Marcus and Restoration Hardware, they’re still nice and friendly and everyone likes the vibe and shows it.

Street meters can be full most any time of the day, but there’s paid parking across the street at the Clayton Parking Structure. It’s $6 before 5 p.m.; $5 after 5 p.m.

If you live or work in Congress Park, Cheesman Park or Cherry Creek, take the stroll.

This one’s worth it. Blue Island Seafood & Oyster Bar invites you to have a great time the moment you walk through the door - and that’s a nice thing.


Chefs Up Front: Q&A With DJ Nagle

Blue Island Oyster Bar head chef DJ Nagle, the previous chef of Humboldt, will be doing the oyster bar at No Kid Hungry’s “Chefs Up Front” event on April 24, a benefit fighting against the hunger problem in Colorado. From his kids to his favorite meal to “cook,” Nagle gives us the scoop on his chef life and why he joined the fight.

Why did you decide to participate in Chefs Up Front?

It’s such a cool event, and all for a good cause. I have kids, so I can understand where people are coming from in not having the means to provide, and the importance of Chefs Up Front. I just want to do my part for people who can do something about this problem.

What makes Chefs Up Front unique?

Normally, nobody really talks to or knows the chef. I think people get really excited about being able to talk and interact with us. Having the chefs so accessible gives us a little bit of humanity as well; people sometimes have the perception of chefs as yellers. But this event casts a new light on chefs—we want to give back and use our talents to support the cause.

What are you most excited about for the event?

Probably being able to interact with a lot of people, and you get to put your brand out there. Maybe somebody doesn’t know much about oysters, or fish, or anything in particular that has to do with your restaurant: They get to experience something they might not get to experience on a day-to-day basis. You get to interact with your guests for a lot of the time, which we don’t get to do normally as chefs. We’re usually the guys that are behind the steel. So it’s great to get to get out and have a conversation instead of just being the workhorse.

What is your favorite meal to cook at your restaurant?

My favorite dish does not necessarily involve cooking, it’s more opening. I was a chef at Humboldt and didn’t really know too much about oysters before opening the restaurant, but as we moved through Humboldt I learned a lot more about oysters and enjoy them now. At Blue Island Oyster Bar, Cory Egan (oyster buyer and head shucker) brings in some things that are really nice treats to taste and sit down and enjoy. So by far, my favorite meal at Blue Island Oyster Bar is the oysters and getting to open them up and taste the different nuisances. It’s a great experience.

How did you attain the position of head chef at Blue Island Oyster Bar? 

We had such a great reputation at Humboldt for doing fish and other really cool stuff that they gave me the nod to come over here and open Blue Island Oyster Bar with Concept Restaurants, the same owner of Humboldt. The food I now make at Blue Island Oyster Bar is the kind of food I grew up with on the east coast—like the whole seafood shack feel, this was the food of my summers. At Blue Island Oyster Bar I get to put my two cents into what I think oyster bars are and should be.

For more information check out our first Q&A. To book your ticket for Chefs Up Front, visit www.nokidhungry.org.


By: Teagan Fast