Chef & Shucker: Cape Cod

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DATE: August 28 3:00PM

East coast oysters, the virginica species, scream salt, rich full brine, and firm crisp bodies. Oyster aficionados base their standards upon the oysters farmed and harvested along the coast of New England, Long Island, and the Canadian maritime provinces of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. By far, the most infamous and well-known appellations come from Cap Cod, Massachusetts: Island Creek, Duxbury, Wianno, Wellfleet and Cotuit. 

The Atlantic trade winds move in a triangular flow from North America across the Atlantic to Europe and North Africa, back across the Atlantic into the Caribbean and then barrel forth to the Eastern seaboard of North America. From Florida through the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware this current gently hugs the coast. But then it runs headlong into Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine. The effect is defining: oyster beds and harvesting areas are flooded with pure seawater and an abundance of fresh alga. The result is unmistakably coastal. 

Cape Cod enjoys the favor of the seas as it is located at the epicenter of this oceanic flow. The oysters we will taste are some of the most prolific, most enjoyable shellfish sourced from the Northeastern coast. Get ready to surf the waves of the Cape and navigate the wide variety of oysters offered by this unique coastal region.


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